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Our MultiPlex business Internet solution

N4 mobile's MultiPlex business solution offers real estate owners and investors innovative technology solutions.

Other information

We are not resellers.N4 mobile is a 100% Quebec company that has its own Internet network and is continually expanding its coverage. Pioneers in Internet distribution in rental properties, we have developed expertise in the installation and distribution of wireless and Internet solutions throughout Quebec. We have the knowledge to connect your buildings with dedicated fiber optic technology or a high-performance wireless connection adapted to your needs.

N4 mobile analyzes your needs and offers a very efficient Internet distribution system, ensuring profitability and peace of mind. Thus, each of your tenants will have access to a private, secure and efficient network, which you can include in their lease. Since the contract with us is in your name, you remain in control at all times.

Services Multiplex of N4 mobile offer an internet solution specially designed to meet the needs of owners of Multiplex. With frozen pricing, higher bandwidth, and exceptional customer support, you can have peace of mind knowing you've chosen the best Internet service for your business.

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