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Fiber optic installation

N4 mobile Business Solution offers innovative technological solutions

N4 Mobile: Your Expert in Optical Fiber Installation

Do you have a business and would like to increase the data exchange capacity between your different buildings or infrastructures? You are in the right place !

At N4 Mobile, we understand the strategic challenges of connectivity in an ever-changing digital world. That's why we are committed to providing cutting-edge fiber optic solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Why choose optical fiber with N4 Mobile?

  • Increased performance: Enjoy unparalleled data transmission speed and low latency.

  • Reliability : Less subject to interference and disruption, optical fiber ensures stable data transmission.

  • Scalability : Easily adapt your infrastructure to the growth of your business.

We offer a complete installation, from laying out the fiber to the optimal configuration for your business, including providing all the necessary equipment.

Types of buildings where we work:

  • Factories : Improve your production line with better connectivity.

  • Apartment buildings : Provide a better internet experience for your residents.

  • Seniors’ residences (RPA): Ensure smooth communication for the comfort and safety of your residents.

  • Hotels : Offer high-speed internet access to your customers for an unforgettable stay.

  • Buildings and shopping centers : Optimize your operations and customer satisfaction with improved connectivity.

  • Municipalities : Modernize your infrastructure for better city management and citizen services

The advantages of a fiber optic Internet connection

  • Greater bidirectional throughput capacity on the Internet;

  • Significant acceleration of file and information transfers;

  • Symmetrical bidirectional bandwidth capacity allowing optimal flow of information;

  • Opportunity for companies to become providers of content and applications for their users whose mobility increases with the popularity of teleworking connections, telephones and other smart devices;

  • Ideal for voice transmissions in IP telephony and for the efficient use of software;

  • Perfectly suited for cloud computing, scanning, online data backup and many other applications.


Technical specifications relating to fiber optic Internet access with our partners;


  • Connection speeds: 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps full-duplex;

  • Easily scalable access;

  • Symmetrical access (speed of upload equal to that of download);

  • Very high-speed Internet connections;

  • Internet connections with unlimited transfer;

  • Direct access point to QIX and TorIX;

  • Guaranteed and dedicated Internet bandwidth;

  • IP backbone network (Internet backbone)  without filter and without congestion.

Ethernet point-to-point circuit


This service is suitable for transporting any Ethernet-compatible data stream, including the transport of real-time voice and video over IP between different physical locations and allows you to extend your network.

Why N4 mobile

We are not resellers.N4 mobile is a 100% Quebec company that has its own Internet network and is continually increasing its coverage. Pioneers in Internet and network distribution, we have developed expertise in the installation and services of wireless and network solutions for businesses. We have the expertise to connect your buildings with dedicated fiber optic technology or with a high-performance wireless link adapted to your needs.

Don't wait any longer, take the digital shift with complete confidence with N4 Mobile.


Why do our customers like us?


A team ofpassionate!

The N4 mobile team takes its work to heart and is always looking for advantageous solutions for our company which continues to grow. It is important to have trustworthy people who you can count on and it is for these reasons that we choose the N4 mobile team.

Philippe Girardin

Patio Drummond

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