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Point-to-Point and Multipoint Connections Services

We are specialists in setting up broadband wireless point-to-point multipoint networks. Whether you are a small or large company, an association or a community, we have what you need to extend your network to all your buildings and even to connect at lower costs using our vast wireless networks. -wire and fiber optics from Quebec.

Radio coverage study

Carrying out a site study is essential to setting up a network adapted to the topology of the land in order to guarantee its proper functioning. It consists of evaluating available locations according to height and point-to-point connection distance in order to use the right technology to meet your needs. 

The site study takes place in 4 phases:
  • Analysis and pre-study of available locations; 

  • Visit to existing infrastructure;

  • Radio coverage analysis with GPS coordinates;

  • Study report.

Once the study is completed, we are able to confirm the feasibility, connection speed and costs of completion.

The study report

This report, based on all the analyzes previously carried out, lists all the recommendations necessary to guarantee the expected performance: the number and exact location of broadcast equipment, the selection and orientation of the antennas, the frequency band and the cost of the project.

Our experts work for you

Our team of experts is at your disposal. They are ingenious, creative and above all very competent. Just like you, they love seamless, high-performance wireless connections. Thanks to our solution, all your buildings will be interconnected with a single, easily and securely accessible network whose performance is equivalent to that of optical fiber. 

Some advantages of this solution
  • Speed of deployment;
  • Savings on infrastructure costs;
  • Low latency;
  • Less environmental impact;
  • Reduction of visual clutter;
  • Possibility of long distance connections;
  • Integration with IoT;
  • Ultra-fast transfer capacity 1Gbit/s;

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