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MultiPlex Business Management Service

A management service specially designed for Plex

Internet bandwidth management is a major issue for building tenants, to ensure that all users have a fast and stable connection. Indeed, poor bandwidth management can lead to uneven use and cause slowdowns or even connection cuts.

To better distribute Internet availability within the building, it is possible to implement bandwidth management solutions. This makes it possible to define priorities and limitations for each user according to their needs, in order to guarantee fair use and good connection quality for all.

N4 mobile offer bandwidth management solutions adapted to the needs of residential buildings. These solutions make it possible to monitor bandwidth in real time, limit the use of bandwidth-intensive applications and distribute available bandwidth equitably among all users.

In short, Internet bandwidth management is an important issue to guarantee good connection quality for all tenants in a building. Specialists such asN4 mobile offer bandwidth management solutions adapted to the needs of residential buildings, thus enabling equitable distribution of available bandwidth.

Security at your fingertips

In addition, an Internet management system can help filter and block certain types of online content, such as malicious websites or inappropriate content, in order to protect users from the risks associated with this content.

In short, having a good Internet management system is essential for tenants, because it guarantees a fast and stable connection, but above all optimal security against various online threats. Specialized companies, such as N4 mobile, offer Internet management solutions adapted to the needs of residential buildings, thus offering optimal protection to tenants.


The intelligent online management tool N4 mobile is a user online traffic monitoring tool that enables efficient management of bandwidth usage. This tool allows you to monitor users' online activities in real time, determine which applications and websites are consuming the most bandwidth, and control bandwidth usage in order to optimize the quality and speed of the service. connection and make your services profitable.

This helps prevent bandwidth abuse and ensures fair usage for all users.

Each tenant will have access to a private and secure network, with their own username and password to connect to WiFi. Thus, each tenant will be able to access only their own WiFi equipment, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Xbox, etc., without interfering with those of other tenants in the building. the building.

Additionally, the online smart management tool offers optimal flexibility, as it can be used from your mobile phone or tablet, meaning you can manage bandwidth usage wherever you are.

Companies such as N4 mobile offer smart online management tool solutions, tailored to the needs of residential buildings, to provide an optimal online experience for users.

Why do our customers like us?


Very high professionalism

I would describe the service asN4 mobile very professional. From the start, we were very reassured because N4 mobile allowed us to surpass all limits and it is with them that we want to secure our future.

Jean-Charles Doyon

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