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Application de contrôle à domicile

Your connected home 2.0

Discover the future with smart home solutions from N4 mobile. We create connected and smart homes that offer you comfort, security and efficiency. Control your lights, heating, security and entertainment from your smartphone.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience that a connected home offers. Reduce your energy costs with intelligent management.

Benefit from our wireless networking expertise for optimal Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home, ideal for your wireless devices.

Rest easy with enhanced security through advanced surveillance systems. Simplify your life,save time and money with N4 mobile!

Wi-Fi everywhere!

Discover the world of Wi-Fi 7 which is the best Wi-Fi technology.
The equipment automatically adjusts according to the number of connected devices as well as the use you make of them.

This enables a faster and more efficient Internet connection with minimal power consumption for a greater number of devices simultaneously.


Using the Internet without constraints is possible!

Maison avec piscine

The advantages of a smart grid:

  • Centralized management;

  • Manage your home in one click from the device of your choice;

  • An Integration of renewable energies;

  • Significant savings in consumption; 

  • Remotely access your system;

  • Connectivity everywhere;

  • Create interactions using artificial intelligence

Do you have a very large house with several rooms and floors and have noticed a slow connection or loss of signal in certain areas? N4 mobile experts can advise you on the solution suited to the size of your home. 

Our Wi-Fi hotspots create a mesh network, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and powerful Wi-Fi experience in every room of your home. You will even have the possibility of increasing the range of your coverage to your entire land. 

We have the solution you need

Don't waste time, contact our experts!

Take advantage of our know-how by entrusting the development of your wireless service to our team with more than ten years of experience.

Installation requests are completed in less than 7 business days!*

Add Internet service at a very competitive price!

Learn more about the technologies and business options we offer or contact our experts directly at
1 855 390-0210


Why do our customers like us?


Now I have an extraordinary quality of life!

We live in an extraordinary environment surrounded by mountains and beautiful lakes. N4 mobile came on site to carry out analyzes with its engineering department and now we have access to the Internet and Wi-Fi as if we were in town!
We call that having quality of life!

Marcel Tessier


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