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Engineering and Special Projects

We create value and telecommunication solutions for our customers. Don’t hesitate to challenge our experts; N4 mobile is there to help you rise above the masses. Together we can speed up your success.


Each step is important to do an in-depth analysis of a project, big and small ones alike. We possess the knowledge to offer the best solutions for your project.

An in-depth analysis of the site with cutting edge tools is required to verify the service or its scope according to your wishes.

​All Projects Receive a Turnkey Solution:

  • The installation of a self-supported tower, for both residential and commercial needs.

  • An installation, both partial and complete, on a mast.

  • An installation on a silo.

  • Equipment installation on a commercial building.

  • An installation for an apartment building.

  • Installing equipment on a pre-existing structure.

  • Creating a point-to-point or multipoint network.

  • Deploying a large wireless network, either for private or public use.

  • Deploying many diffusion sites for an interconnected network for a municipality.

  • In-depth analysis with a drone. (experimented pilot meeting all of Transport Canada’s requirements)

  • Helicopter available for special projects in hard-to-reach areas.

Passionate experts there for you 

Our team of experts is only a phone call away! They are ingenious, creative, and, above all, very competent. Just like you, they enjoy flawless and high performing wireless links. Join our team now to be better equipped in managing your wireless solutions.

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