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Business Internet

** Available where technology permits.

Want to know how our customers rate us?

Enjoy the best mobile technology in the world

Access LTE Internet at a fair price and hassle-free with N4 mobile starting at only $119.95 per month.*

*Some conditions apply

Have peace of mind with simple billing, with no surprises or increases.

Stay connected and productive anywhere, anytime

Unleash the potential of your employees by giving them the ability to connect and work flexibly, wherever they are.

Now, with our advanced connectivity solution, your teams can have complete freedom to accomplish their tasks, whether from home, on the road or even in meetings outside the office.


This increased flexibility promotes optimal productivity and immediate responsiveness to professional challenges. Our innovative tools and technologies allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of mobility, while maintaining robust security and seamless integration with your existing systems.


Empower your employees to work efficiently, no matter where they are.

Our mobile plans that meet your needs



Shareable data 20

20 GB

of shareable data at maximum speeds*


LTE download speed

* Beyond 20 GB, speeds can go

up to 512 Kbit/s are offered.



Shareable Data 40

40 GB

of shareable data at maximum speeds*


LTE download speed

* Beyond 40 GB, speeds of up to 512 Kbps are offered.

Do you travel to the United States often? Some plans offer a Canada-US option for as little as $20/month.

  • Access to the largest network in Canada

  • Electronic invoice. $3 fee per paper invoice.

  • Valid credit card required to open file.

  • Payment by credit card via our online payment center.

  • Equipment rental fees additional according to agreement.

Ideal for users who:

  • Need secure mobile Internet access – maximum 10 devices

  • Want to enjoy LTE transmission speed and quickly share files


Don't waste time, contact our experts!

Take advantage of our know-how by entrusting the development of your wireless service to our team with more than ten years of experience.

Installation requests are completed in less than 7 business days!


Why do our customers like us?


A team ofpassionate!

The N4 mobile team takes its work to heart and is always looking for advantageous solutions for our company which continues to grow. It is important to have trustworthy people who you can count on and it is for these reasons that we choose the N4 mobile team.

Philippe Girardin

Patio Drummond

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