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Ultra fast!

Switch to N4 mobile Internet today.

Treat yourself to unlimited Internet at a fair price with N4 mobile which offers speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s and from only 49.99$ per month.

How it works?

Connect your home to high-speed Internet with our wireless broadband network. Our technician will install a small antenna outside your home that will connect to the N4 mobile wireless network to offer you download speeds of over 350 Mbit/s.

The antenna will be connected to our router which covers 1500 square feet, which will allow you to enjoy Wi-Fi on all your devices in your residence. You will even have the possibility of increasing its range to your entire land.

For you, N4 mobile is setting up new innovative packages!


While Internet service providers continue to inflate your bills every year, N4 Mobile offers all its current or potential customers an opportunity to lower the cost of their package! 

N4 Mobile is changing the situation by introducing new plans with prices that will not increase for the next two (2) years!!! In addition, you will be offered a reduction in monthly costs at the end of your agreement!

Contact us today at 819 823-0210 to change your plan at no additional cost, and see your billing reduced!

Our high-speed Internet packages

Available where technology permits.

Internet packages at a fair price

Discover our exceptional offers now! 

  • Unlimited usage capacity

  • Take advantage of our services without any price increase for 12 months!

  • Technical support service

  • Antenna (modem) included free of charge;

Coût du forfait
Résidentiel 100
100 Mbit/s
Résidentiel 75
75 Mbit/s
Résidentiel 50
50 Mbit/s
Résidentiel 30
30 Mbit/s
Résidentiel 20
20 Mbit/s
New pricing in effect since February 13, 2023

Equipment included in your package

  • Antenna,

  • wiring,

  • power module,

  • Dual-band router 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz

The router provided in your plan covers an area of up to 1500 square feet. This router also allows remote technical support from the N4 mobile control center. 

Request routers configured as access points (up to 8)to repeat the signal in areas of 1500 additional square feet, and cover your entire home with great efficiency!

All equipment supplied is covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
(Labor extra.) 

- Network fees: $4.99 per month.
- Prices are valid only within the framework of astandard residential installation.

pbe 5ac gen2
POE-24-12W gigabit.webp
Routeur Vilo - WiFi -  Dual Band - angle

Standard residential installation standards:

 Installation of the antenna at a maximum height of 28 feet.

  • Wall installation only (fascia installation also accepted).

  • Seene 100% clear on the site.

  • Maximum of 18km from the site with “LTU LR” antenna

  • Mandatory installation of a new network wire of category 5 or better.

  • Maximum length of 100 feet for network wire.

  • The time required to complete a standard installation will be 3 hours maximum. The additional time required will be billable in full.

  • The antenna must be installed in a location where access is deemed safe in all seasons by the technician. 

  • The cThe client must assume the excess costs of any installation carried out when one or more criteria of a standard installation are not respected.

  • A 2th technician will be necessary for any installation carried out at a height of more than 28 feet. Costs incurred for a 2nd technician will be billable in full. 

  • During a service call, the subscriber is required to keep access to the antenna clear and free of any obstacle at all times. A technician may reserve the right torefuse access to devices if the premises are deemed to be at risk for their health and/or safety. 


Have peace of mind with simple billing, with no surprises or increases.

Other information:

  • No setup fees for new customers*

  • Monthly network fee of $4.99 applicable to all residential plans.

  • Electronic invoicing. $3 fee per paper invoice.

  • Valid credit card required to open file.

  • Payment by credit card via our online payment center.

  • Change of address free of charge – once per customer.

  • Change of plan free of charge – maximum one change per month.

  • Offered herewhere technology allows.


  • Static IP address – $15 per month

  • Router with centralized management (AirCube) model 2.4 and 5.8 GHz AC – $124.95.

  • Special programming for cameras, port forwarding or others – $75.

Furthermore taxes. All prices are subject to change without notice.


Rental options for N4 mobile customers:

  • ​Powerful router with advanced security settings – $44.95 / month

  • AirCube AC basic router – $19.95 / month

  • Point to point – starting at $49.95/month

  • Long-range indoor wireless terminal – $22.95 / month
    *Includes installation, 1 hour of labor and 100 feet of cable.

  • Mesh wireless outdoor terminal – $25.95 / month
    *Includes installation, 1 hour of labor and 100 feet of cable.

  • Transport costs extra.

Switch to N4 mobile internet today.


​Treat yourselfthe best WiFi 

Learn more about the technologies and business options we offer or contact our experts directly at
1 819 823-0210

DR Front.png

Don't waste time contact our experts!

Take advantage of our know-how by entrusting the development of your wireless service to our team with more than ten years of experience.

Installation requests are completed in less than 7 working days!

Programme référencement.png

Refer a friend it pays!

Refer a neighbor, a friend or a member of your family and save $ 25 on your next bill for each of your referrals and without limit!


Happiness finally found!

If I hadn't found you by chance on Google, I'd still be complaining about my 1.5 Mbps DSL.
I remember, during the installation I was torn between the happiness of finally having real high speed and the anger of not having found you before!

Pascal De Ladurantaye



Why do our customers like us?

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