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Mobile Internet for your construction sites

Temporary Internet for construction sites

These days, every construction site should be able to access the Internet. However, installing a temporary Internet connection for construction sites is easier said than done. Between the implementation times and the duration of use, it is difficult to find the appropriate temporary Internet solution.

We invite you to discover the alternatives which are offered and which can be implemented in the field.

Our solutions  



Treat yourself to unlimited ultra-fast AirFibre Internet with Wi-Fi wireless hotspot for your construction site.

  • Unlimited network transfer

  • Super fast internet

  • Installation by professionals

  • Wi-Fi access for 20 devices

  • Fixed IP address included

  • No commitment

  • Installation fees extra


$ 149.95 / month



Treat yourself to long-range Wi-Fi with secure management of up to

183 m (600 ft) for the workers on your site.

  • +100 users connected

  • Long worn on the construction site

  • No loss of speed

  • Installation by professionals

  • Mobile app

  • No commitment

  • Installation fees extra

$ 59.95 / month



Treat yourself to a mobile Internet access solution for your construction site.

  • 20 GB non-shareable data at maximum speeds*

  • Simple installation

  • Wi-Fi access for 20 devices

  • Battery life of 12 hours

  • Easily transportable

  • Installation fees extra

$ 119.95 / month



  • Advice service

  • Consultation

  • Engineering

  • Custom configuration

  • Extended Wi-Fi network

  • Point to point

  • Secured access

  • Inter-connectionbuildings


Access to the network without contract, without hassle!

  • Applicable installation fees

  • Electronic invoice / $3 fee per paper invoice

  • Valid credit card required to open file.

  • Payment by credit card via our online payment center

More reasons to choose N4 mobile
  • Quick setup

  • Ultra fast service

  • Internet connectivity over WiMAX or cellular

  • Increased flexibility according to your needs

  • Access to a 100% Quebec network

  • Can be installed on any structure

  • Wi-Fi solution included

  • Hassle-free management

  • Installation by professionals

  • Technology ready for the future

Why do our customers like us?


A team ofpassionate!

The N4 mobile team takes its work to heart and is always looking for advantageous solutions for our company which continues to grow. It is important to have trustworthy people who you can count on and it is for these reasons that we choose the N4 mobile team.

Philippe Girardin

Patio Drummond

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