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Our MultiPlex business Internet solution

Do you have a multi-unit building and want to increase your profitability? Providing Internet access to your tenants is an advantageous strategy for them and profitable for you. Whether for :

  • Apartment buildings

  • Seniors’ residences (RPA)

  • Hotels

  • Buildings and shopping centers

Withthe MultiPlex solution from N4 mobile, we are able to connect your building and allow redistribution to your tenants, without any constraints or restrictions.

N4 mobile's MultiPlex business solution offers real estate owners and investors innovative technological solutions.

MultiPlex Management Tool

We understand the importance of a balanced, uncongested internet connection for all tenants, especially during peak times. That's why we offer management tools designed to meet your specific needs.

With our bandwidth management solutions, we can monitor bandwidth usage in real-time and limit the use of bandwidth-intensive applications to ensure a fast and stable connection experience for all users. Additionally, our online smart management tool allows you to control bandwidth usage remotely, giving you optimal flexibility to effectively manage your Internet connection.

Scalable options

  • No restrictions on the use of the service

  • Connection of your peripherals at no additional cost (camera, alarm, computer, etc.)

  • Real-time network monitoring

  • Complete monitoring of each installed equipment;

  • Several connection options available

  • Available even in places where fiber optic cable is not available

  • Equipment fully adapted to your needs and personalized installations

  • Service adapted for MultiPlex

Your advantages

  • Value of your building increased

  • More attractive housing

  • Fast return on investment

  • Specialized technical support

  • Funding program

  • Financing your purchase available at 100%

  • Flexible Internet service programs per door or with a defense plan

  • Quick installation

  • Monthly pricing freeze

  • Peace of mind

MultiPlex Business Solution

Centralize your services

The ability to interconnect multiple buildings using wireless technology to centralize equipment monitoring offers many benefits in terms of cost, convenience and efficiency.

With increasingly advanced wireless monitoring systems, it's easier than ever to set up centralized monitoring to effectively manage equipment across multiple buildings.

By connecting all of your rental properties to a common network, you will be able to monitor your cameras throughout your properties, thereby standardizing security for all of your tenants.


This solution will improve the overall security of your buildings, providing a safer environment for your tenants, while allowing you to easily access images captured by the cameras at any time.


Centralizing access to cameras allows for faster and more cost-effective management of the security of your rental properties.

  • No installation fees

  • Dedicated IP address included

  • $5.99 monthly network fee applicable to all plans

  • Electronic invoice / $3 fee per paper invoice

  • 36 month agreement

  • Valid credit card required to open file

  • Payment by credit card via our online payment center, by Interac transfer or by check


*Taxes extra - All prices are subject to change without notice

Other information

Why N4 mobile

We are not resellers.N4 mobile is a 100% Quebec company that has its own Internet network and is continually expanding its coverage. Pioneers in Internet distribution in rental properties, we have developed expertise in the installation and distribution of wireless and Internet solutions throughout Quebec. We have the knowledge to connect your buildings with dedicated fiber optic technology or a high-performance wireless connection adapted to your needs.

N4 mobile analyzes your needs and offers a very efficient Internet distribution system, ensuring profitability and peace of mind. Thus, each of your tenants will have access to a private, secure and efficient network, which you can include in their lease. Since the contract with us is in your name, you remain in control at all times.

Services Multiplex of N4 mobile offer an internet solution specially designed to meet the needs of owners of Multiplex. With frozen pricing, higher bandwidth, and exceptional customer support, you can have peace of mind knowing you've chosen the best Internet service for your business.

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