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A complete ecosystem for drone management

UTM Canada, a division of N4 mobile, is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the global needs of companies operating in the field of drone piloting.

An ultra-powerful ecosystem is designed to meet the needs of companies that operate internationally, whether to monitor vital infrastructure, perform remote inspections or collect crucial data for their operations, driving RPAS at large distance or for parcel delivery.

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UTM Canada specializes in comprehensive analysis of all conditions, integrating various real-time information sources, such as weather data, KP indices, NOTAM (Notices to Airmen), as well as visual detection. This approach brings together all the essential data to ensure the security of your mission. Thanks to our DAA detection tool and our UDS anti-drone shield  cutting-edge technology, coupled with the advanced warning module for UAS aircraft, you benefit from unrivaled flight safety.

The power of UTM with N4 mobile

In addition, thanks to our active partnership with N4 mobile, we are able to provide you with a large-scale connectivity network. This collaboration allows us to fully access DAA (Detect and Avoid) detection equipment as well as link control for drones. So, we can not only offer you a cutting-edge UTM solution, but also provide you with reliable and extensive connectivity, ensuring the success of your drone operations.

Trust UTM Canada to provide you with a tailor-made UTM solution that will meet your specific drone management needs. Thanks to our expertise combined with the connectivity provided by N4 mobile, you will be able to exploit the full potential of your drone operations in complete safety and simplicity.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach new heights in drone management.

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